Scope Mount - PS-90 (Aimpoint T-1, Vortex Sparc ll, Romeo-5)


Now offering Vortex Crossfire optic/mount combination deals for $250 shipped, call/email to set up a custom order!

This mount will accept the T-1 / T-2, the Vortex Sparc ll, and the Romeo-5.

This system is very rugged, made from 6061-T6 aluminum, and machined to fit the sight angle as well as the receiver angle. These angles are very important although most of the time over looked. They provide a much better contact point so it stays tight and true. The receiver is a casting and needs a 1 deg. wall taper to release form the mold, if you don’t machine this into the mount you’re not going to get a proper fit.

The dot itself is as low as it can go, providing a great cheek weld, very fast on target, as well as pinpoint accuracy. I still would go with the RMR for Secret Service, CQB work, kicking in doors all day, etc.. But for most guy’s the T-1 / T-2 is the way to go. It turns the P/PS-90 into a much more usable rifle with no comparison between sights. It’s something that needs to be held to appreciate.

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