Blemishes & Used Products

Occasionally we have exchanges, returns, issues when painting or machining our products. Instead of wasting a product that we worked so hard on, we'd like to offer it to our customers at a discounted price. When it comes to blemishes inventory will constantly be changing so if you have an interest please contact us Via the website messaging system. Everything from scope mounts to rails, light & laser mounts and more may be in this grab bag of goodies. Let us know what your looking for and we will keep you in mind if we don't have a blemished piece, and if we do we will sell it to you at a discounted price of 30% off. If we have the piece checkout instructions will be given by us via email or phone. As with all our products we have a No B.S. guarantee, so you never have to worry when it comes to Design Machine products.

*Blemished products may have issues with paint, dings, dents, etc. 

*Products will work perfectly fine, but may not appear as beautiful as our unblemished product.

*Unpainted products will be an additional 10% off. (We will sell any product unpainted at a 10% discount).